Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wedding Planner

Wahh. its almost a year now for not updating my blog. Well this blog is just for suka2. I write when I feel bored. fuhh. Lepas penat baca Immunology by Kuby, skang nak relax while listening to good music, I want to write something on my dusty blog.. Fuh Fuh!!! tiup sket habuk kat blog nih.

Okey. sekarang I am very busy preparing my wedding day that will be held soon somewhere in July. Baju nikah dah beli tapi blom tempah. Baju sanding plak baru nak pilih. Pelamin pon blom plih nak design aper. but there are several pelamin that captured my eyes.

Pelamin nih simple but nice. and the color just suit my soul
There are quite several pelamin yang menjadi pilihan di hati. 

this one macam english style and very refreshing
I wish to combine those two style in my wedding. 

Pasal card kahwin plak, Alhamdulillah dah book. The price is very reasonable. The wedding card also look simple tapi just nice. With icy white cover in gold print, wish it could attract the guest to come to my wedding. Since I just booked it, there is no picture of it yet. Will post it later once completed.

What else??? Catering also plays an important role in a wedding. My mom especially is very particular in type and quality of foods that should be serve to the guest. That one also settle. The catering that I booked is giving very reasonable price where quest foods come with the bride's food, pelayan pon ade, wedding cake pon ade (3 tiers lagi). And yes come with khemah and also fresh flowers. Hope they don't disappointing me. 

More to come and see you Frame.

I am a  Spartan 

Saturday, 2 April 2011


My day start at 8.00 am today and this is quite an amazing achievement as I manage to wake up early on SATURDAY. Yes it is SATURDAY where I usually wake up at 12. I have to attend a walk-in interview for Management Trainee for JUSCO at Boulevard Hotel next to MidValley Shopping Mall which started at 10 am. The interview start with a short speech by a good looking guy  ( must be someone important in JAYA JUSCO) and continued with assessment test followed by group interview. I was in the fourth group and there were 4 people in a group. Well the interviewer is a nice lady and it was quite a laid-back interview. So I feel quite relax and able communicate flawlessly.  

Even though so, I do some problem during interview and this happen to me every time I went for an interview. I cannot put my eyes on interviewer face because I suddenly feel that my neck was fondled. I don’t exactly know why and hoping somebody could explain to me about this. Alhamdulillah my interview finish at 1 pm, so I left Boulevard Hotel and went straight away to MidValley for window shopping. I had my lunch at Belanga which I had Nasi Dagang with Chicken Curry and Pink Guava. This cost me RM 20. Maybe somebody will say “ It’s cheap laaa”.. But for me “ Mahal gilerrr, nasi dagang jek poonnn”. Anyway I’m not supposed to complain about it since someone paying for me. Thank you yekk.

That is not the end of my story. After having lunch, I went to the mosque to perform my Zohor prayer. There are quite a number of people in the mosque but I manage to find a place. At first I felt like leaving my handbag at the place (the Sejadah) to take my Wuduk since I feel it a safe place. But somehow, I feel insecure so I brought it with me while taking my Wuduk. When I got back to my place, there is a girl ( quite nice girl, with long hijab) asking do you see my handbag here? I was like.. “ God, Alhamdulillah I do not left my handbag there”. To be honest I pity her because she had quite a lot of stuff in her handbag.

I just wonder, how can a thief be in the mosque? Hello people, it is a mosque and people doing their pray to Allah, and you doing bad thing in there? There is a statement in newspaper saying that “ Rakyat Malaysia  Sudah Hilang Timbang Rasa. Guess what; it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. So what is the relation between “Timbang Rasa” and “Budi Bahasa”. For me if you don’t have Budi Bahasa or MANNERS, you will not have the feel of tolerance or the other way around.  You don’t believe me? Well, you will see people true colors especially on the road where they drive like nobody’s were around. Speeding, changing line without giving signal, taxi stopping in a sudden to pick up passenger. Hello, do you want to kill an innocent life?

Please, please, please Malaysian..where is our manners? Where is our value as human being? When will our Malaysian people change their attitude? I cannot change you but you have to change yourself. Please do so because I don’t want to be part of it. I love Malaysia, yet something need to be done in our society. Budaya Maruah Bangsa. 

I am a Spartan

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Career Fair 2011

I went to Career Fair 2011 at KLCC Convention Center on 19th March 2011 which is held at Hall 1. I went there around 12 o-clock and there are not many people lining up at the counter to take the flier and BarCode (this is use to apply a job). However when I get into the hall, many people were lining up to fill in the online registration.  Luckily someone did it for so I just straight ahead to the career booths. There are many job opportunities offered by various company but there is not even one company in the hall looking for a Biotechnologist.
Most of the company are related to software, IT, and mass communication . Well these are not what I am looking for.

Even though so, I do get some new information and recently I am more interested with management. There are many company that offer a Management Trainee Programme such as Jaya Jusco, Maxis and many others. Those who apply for management trainee program will soon be located under human resource, marketing,  supply chain, technical and production.

I am hoping I will be selected by one of the companies that I have applied for since it is a very strong competition and there are looking for the best candidate to fill in the position. Most of Management Trainee Programme will take about 2 years ( it is long but there is a lot of thing that you could learn).

So for now, I will have to wait for the next Career Fair and I will try to find more jobs. My Pray to Allah is; I will get a good job soon so that I can afford myself and my family.

I am a Spartan.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Start Over

Well this is my first blog for this year and actually I made a blog before but it doesn't work for me. So, I want to Start All Over Again as I want to improve my writing or maybe my critical thinking. Yuppp these are two importants skill needed nowadays especially when you want to find a job. ( Yes, I am one of those yang MENGANGGUR). This sounds tragic huhu, but lets talk about it later.

 My blog title is A Frame but do you know what I actually meant? It's not a frame of picture like we always know. But A Frame is a house. A beautiful and unique house with steep roof.  So this blog will be the house where I will share some information (I try to make it useful), or maybe sharing some opinion and talk about my everyday life. I will try to make my house alive and full of taught.
I am a Spartan.